Saturday, 30 December 2017

The different ways that can improve Recruitment

Recruitment is getting tougher day by day. It means finding good employees is not easy. There is no science or exact formula that will make sure you are able to hire the right candidate, let’s see the different guidelines that will help in searching the right candidate.

The different ways that can improve Recruitment

Understand what you are searching for
Before you put up an advertisement, it is important to understand what you are searching for; you can hire a candidate, if you find the prospective candidate is perfect and will adjust well with the company’s environment, and hiring manager.

Write a convincing advertisement
You can’t have an advertisement that looks the same like other’s advertisement. Your advertisement should stand out among the crowd and be unique, otherwise it won’t get noticed. Mention the qualification, job responsibilities and information about the company in the advertisement. Candidates apply not for the job but for the company.

You should mention the salary. Any candidate, earning much more than what you can offer, will not apply and waste time. If you feel the candidate is good and you’re unable to offer them, you can also mention the other perks or incentives.

Post the advertisement
It is always better to post the advertisement in various places, like in job sites or Recruitment Company, where you need to pay  or at college career websites that are mostly free.

Right time
Posting the advertisement at the right time of the year is very important. Recruiting fresh graduates even before completion of their final year is not correct. Select the right months to recruit. Trying to recruit in the wrong months will yield poor results. Posting on Friday can fetch you positive results because people who are currently working will like to catch up on weekends.

Be organized
When you start receiving resumes in your inbox, it is essential to create a sub directory; you can shift all the resumes to the sub directory from the inbox.

You should review all the resumes after a few days after posting the advertisement. You can also create about three sub directories with titles, no, maybe and yes. You won’t end up wasting time searching for the right candidates, all the good resumes will be available in the ‘yes’ sub directory.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

A good resume plays an important part in Recruitment

In this ocean of average to very good applications, you should be able to identify and understand good resumes quickly. A good resume will force you to call the candidate or you would put the resume in the selected resume pile.

Every candidate is aware that resume is the first way of introducing themselves to the company; you need to put efforts to make the resume readable. Even before going through the content, what people look at is how well formatted and clear the resume is.
Name of the candidate and address and contact details should be on the top and work history should be written in a chronological order. Make sure, once the resume is put together properly and looks absolutely professional, start reading the resume.

We have seen in recruitment, one of the reasons why a candidate rejects a role or turns down a role is commute time and location. It is very crucial to make sure that the candidate is comfortable with the move and has no plans to leave as soon as they get a job close by, so it is better to select candidates through their address. It is better to select candidates who don’t need to waste time commuting to the office. Certain resumes clearly mention the areas that are suitable for them.

Last two roles
It is important that the last role is relevant to the role that you are planning to recruit for. The last role should be rich in content or should be more in detail, this will help in deciding to place it either in accept or reject heap of resumes.

Any resume showing two to three job changes in a year is definitely a worry. A good resume will show a good tenure with each company.

Any good resume will show the educational background properly, if the details are missing or incomplete, either the candidate is not aware or does not have much to mention.

Give attention to details
To identify a good resume, a quick scan by an HR professional is enough. Poor sentence construction and spelling mistakes, makes it obvious that the rest of the resume won’t be impressive. Hence, it is important to re-check for mistakes before submitting it.

Adler Talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the rapidly growing Human Resources company, recently recognized as India's top 10 Non Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India Magazine 2017. HR services includes Recruitments and HR outsourcing services.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India – 2017

There has to be a functional unit in every organization that formulates strategies and programs to successfully attract, assess and hire talent in assigned business units across the company. Setting aside the technical skills which job seekers must display, the qualities such as analytical skills, empathy, communication & presentation skills,ability to listen, business sense, and entrepreneurial mindset has to be scrutinized using reliable yardsticks if the recruits should deliver value to the company.

10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India – 2017

The scope of a HR department which handles these responsibilities also extends to everyday functions such as payroll, temp staffing, statutory compliance,and training. A multitude of SMEs cannot afford to maintain anin-house HR department, while large enterprises often prefer to hand over a significant portion of these duties to someone overboard. Thus, these tasks are outsourced to HR consultants who take away these onuses from the company and deliver satisfactory results through their experience and expertise in the domain coupled with ethics and transparency.

The Non-Tech HR consultant space in India has grown to incorporate facility management, recruitment, contractual staffing,payroll & auditing, and numerous other services across a broad range of industries, both domestic and overseas. These companies take pride in providing comprehensive solutions in the manpower segment and offering complimentary services such as problem solving sessions, motivation, leadership development, professional communication, task & goal orientation,and others.

Silicon India brings to you the ‘10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers – 2017’, a directory listing the companies which are offering exemplary services in the industry. An expert panel of CIOs, CEOs and industry analysts, along with siliconindia‘s Editorial Board has performed a diligent evaluation of the industry before grading them in accordance with their merits. The enterprises listed are the ones which are persistently being the lifesaver for many enterprises through their efficient placement and HR services. The listing can also assist our readers in choosing HR consultants that suit their needs perfectly.

10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India – 2017

Friday, 1 December 2017

How are Project Based Employee different from the Usual

Full-time employees and Project-Based contract workers are quite different on the basis of the length of their tenure with your business association, as well as the work policies that apply to them. usually hiring normal full time employees requires you maintain records of taxes, varied work place rules. while contractors for projects have more elasticity and are not entitled to any employee  benefits. Through this article we will help make the right choice choosing between them. Although you can always contact us for further help on the same.

Project Based Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions
Talking about Workers you hire for a specific project, often hired for a specific number of weeks or months until the project deadline is met. Project-Based workers usually have a limited time frame for their work, which however you cannot control the time they work or the method they approach and for the same they cannot be called as employees. On the other hand with employees, you have more control over the way they work and the time they work for an institution.

Taking about the scope of work for a full time employee, one can expand the duties as he/she grows in position, or alter departments if required, but the contract based staff works specifically on the contract he was signed on, with having no particular right to alter their modus operandi. Also the there are varied differences on the taxes that are required to pay when an full time employees are enrolled like the payroll taxes. While on the other hand the contractors are required to be paid as per agreed-upon compensation. And these contractors are themselves responsible for paying their own taxes.

Lastly talking about how the two can differ on how they cost you, the hired employees generally cost more, not only because of their work salary but also the work benefits they get, like insurances, health benefits, etc. While the contractors are only required to be paid for what was negotiated for their tenure of work.

We, at Adler Talent Solution offer varied human resource and recruitment services, where we will be a better guide for the service which suits your needs more and provide for it all the same, for further assistance contact us.

Monday, 20 November 2017

What is Talent Mapping and How Useful Can it be?

Competency mapping or talent mapping is of the biggest tools for recruiting agencies like us. Mapping is a method which is used to augment investments in human capital by matching the identified skills or competencies with an employee’s current skills and knowledge.

In simple terms it is a tool that with the help of which one can ‘map’ or identify a targeted position in a certain company. Such industrial maps can turn out to be very handy and useful for budding business firms who would want to make the most out of their recruitment campaign. Mapping on the other hand can be useful in succession planning which still stands to one of the major headaches for various firms. One can seek for such mapping services for, they work the best in identifying the right employee required for a particular skill.

The process which we can help you in the mapping encompasses, business vision mission statement, process frameworks, HR Planning, Talent Acquisition, Succession Planning, Performance Management and others. 

An Industrial Mapping can help your firm in the following ways:
  • Map required candidate skills.
  • Objectively evaluate a candidate’s potential
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Correctly manage human capital
However mapping is not as easier as it seems, you need to have good reliable sourcing methods which are usually based on good networking and communications. As  a recruiting agency Adler Talent Solutions have all the various communications and sourcing methods to draw in the maps that you want. So if you want any further assistance in any case, feel free to contact us

Friday, 6 October 2017

How Should one get ready for Campus Recruitment

Welcome back, having read the older blogs on Campus Recruitment we basically have an idea of the basic Dos and Don’ts of campus recruitment. We discussed how correct job description, pre placement talks, and the right filtering process would aid the campus recruitment.

Now we will discuss how the correct process of interview would help crack the right talent you are looking for!

Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions
Interview Smartly

Before the interview is conducted, usually a paper and pen questionnaire is conducted, for basic understanding of the candidate. But usually such tests are not fit enough to have the candidates clear the screening parameters, so a detailed interview is usually more preferable.

The final decision however, can be made via personal interviews. Taking back-to-back interviews can be tiring and this could result in errors. Following are a few ways in which you can minimize interviews hick-ups:

  • Conduct at least 2 interviews for each candidate, so that one messed up interview should not be the basis of rejection.
  • Do not judge a candidate solely on the basis of technical aptitude alone. A lot of candidates have more applicative aptitude than the technical aptitude. This in fact is more important.
  • Have a large bank of questions for the interviews to minimize the repetition of questions during interviews. As, Candidates discuss their interview experiences with each other.
  • Manage interview time slabbing to ensure that candidates don’t have to wait long hours. Waiting can be exhausting and demotivating, which in turn can affect performance.
Traditional Campus Recruitment approaches are time exhaustive and not intelligent enough to assure top-quality hires. If you have talents that are diverse, candidates spread across multiple colleges, that is how you will end up having a better hire!

But, also having said that Campus Recruitment is not as easy a process as it might seem, it involves operating strenuous processes so if you want to our source campus recruitment to a reliable source, especially in and around Gujarat, Adler Talent Solutions team may serve you with the same. So feel free to contact us.

Preparing for Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions

Campus recruitment may not be as easy task to handle as it might seem for either the recruiters or the candidate who apply for the same, so to help you with that we have listed down strategies!

Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions
We did discuss job description before we’ll discuss the others in here:

Be Innovative with Your Pre-Placement talk
The Pre-placement talk is vital in attracting the right talent. It is what sets the initial idea of your company. While geographical expansion, growth/outreach-related numbers, and stats would be impressive, it is how a person can contribute or make an impact is what matters the most. Your Pre-placement talk should nearly cover the following points:
  • How they will fit in as new college graduates
  • How they can make an impact
  • Work culture
  • Hierarchy followed within the organization
  • Types of projects
  • Interesting market and technology trends

Filter Candidates using Assessments
This step of Campus Recruitment is supposedly the most important for the employer, because filtering the right candidates for interviews is critical to the success of a any campus recruitment.

Simple processes like resume filtering alone cannot help you assess candidates. Due to the sheer volume, it is likely that relevant candidates may fall through the cracks. Preliminary written tests are a more reliable way to assess candidates. The objective of these tests is to filter out those candidates who don’t have that essential skill you require. It is appealing to cover multiple topics, such as technical aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, psychometric quotient, and so on. However, what works best are short and purposeful tests.

We at Adler Talent Solutions can help you with identifying your hiring needs, and help you execute the same with complete ease. So for recruiters who wish to hire specially in the area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, or also otherwise, or employers, who are located far away from the institute you want to hire, we at Adler talent solution will help you co-ordinate with same, so feel free to contact us!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

How should one Prepare for Campus Recruitment

Campus hiring is the most effective way to hire recent graduates. Each year, about 800 organizations hire more than 100,000 graduates from 3500+ colleges in India. While the primary goal of campus hiring is to bring in fresh talent, it also helps to build a brand name among the top colleges in the country.

Despite being one of the most common recruitment practices, the campus hiring process is extemporized and often mismanaged. Traditional Campus Recruitment involves many considerations like a large number of candidates to filter from, stiff competition between companies hiring simultaneously, and so on. There are many things that could go wrong with the same.

Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions

Here are a few strategies that can help you make the most of your campus-hiring drive.
They may be in respect to :
  • The correct job description
  • Pre-placement talks
  • Filtering candidates
  • Tasks performed
  • The mainly the “Interview”
Jitter up the job description
A well-written job description can set the right tuning and expectation that will help you connect better with the candidates. An extension of your brand, a job description needs to give a one- or two-line company overview or description, and mention the right job title, core responsibilities required, minimum requirements, and compensation and benefits.

During campus-recruitment drives, candidates have to choose between multiple opportunities from various companies. This is especially during the first few days of the campus hiring season in any college. Interesting and crisp-yet-informative job descriptions can tip the scales in your good turn.

At Adler Talent Solutions, we`ll help you with narrowing the efforts that you otherwise have to take in accomplishing such tasks like these, for any help feel free to contact us. We shall surely be of help if you have to conduct a recruitment campaign in any institute in Gujarat, we would rather get the job done for you than come all the way if u belong to other faraway places.

And don’t forget to read our next blog update on the campus recruitment!!

Monday, 2 October 2017

What is lateral hiring? Is it what your company should look for? - Part 2

This is an update from the previous blog, in which we had understood the basic needs of what an incoming candidate looks for and what to target, like we need to understand as to if they want a better pay, looking for a change, looking for leadership, or be it nearly anything .In this log we will deal with what an employer of an organization can offer to the incoming recruits.

What can your Organisation Offer?
When you understand the daily issues and problems of someone that you want to hire, you are in a much better position when you have to pitch your organisation to them.

The best way to go ahead is by developing a set of offers and highlight specific areas of business of interest that you feel could benefit them in the long-term.

Lateral Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions

These benefits may be:
  • A Flexible working day shows that your organisation is considerate of employee well being and happiness.
  • Lots of Opportunities for training and developing new skills.
  • Exciting new projects to work on and the chance to access leadership roles.
  • Projects that suit a lateral hires’ specific skill set and allows them to use their expertise.
  • A Mentor-Ship program that allows healthy progression into more advanced roles.
  • More involvement in the direction of your organisation.
  • A Collaborative working culture that values the input and ideas of all employees.
Lateral hires can be certainly effective in terms of recruitment, as they can bring new outlook and dexterity to your organisation.

We at Adler Talent Solutions will help you narrow down the efforts of going through the constraints of Lateral hiring which on the other hand would be our forte to deal in.
So, hesitate not thou, and feel free to contact us!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

What is Lateral Hiring? Is it what your Company should look for? - Part 1

In the previous blog, we discussed about Lateral Hiring, and how exactly does the concept of lateral hiring fits in the hiring process of any HR Strategy. This blog would focus more on what candidates look for during lateral hiring process.

Lateral Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions

What are the Employees looking for?
Well, it’s always a difficult question to gauge as to what a candidate may look for, but usually starting a conversation directly asking for involvement would be a bold move to make, rather if they are asked first if they want a job change or otherwise should smoothen out the process.

Often serve them something of value and their issues may be answered:
  • Undervalued - Candidates may feel it in their jobs, may be looking for better career opportunities.
  • Fresh Ideas -  Looking for fresher, more appealing perspectives
  • Flexibility - May be the previous job may have very stringent timing so looking for bettering that.
  • Leadership - A few people are meant to lead may be they shall not be getting o express themselves much.
  • Skill - May be the candidates are looking to expand their skill sets.
  • Work Culture - Candidates are often a fan of good work culture, so if such a need is catered to, lateral hiring might crack it! There are people who like working in a diverse culture, more ethical, more progressive cultures!
  • Wages - An Employee may be looking for better incentives and pay benefits from work.

These were the few of the many things which a candidate may look for, so if you are in search of a recruitment agency, we here at Adler talent solution offer one of the best customized HR Services, specializing in all kinds of recruitment.

For further support, contact us at Adler Talent Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Stay tuned in for further updates on this blog!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

What is Lateral Hiring? Is it What your Company should Look for?

What is Lateral Hiring?

When a company (the hiring one) hires a new employee on a very similar to the one ‘preceding’ on the basis of work experience, the pay and other things, so basically finding a fit for the empty space is what is called as Lateral Hiring.

So, it’s the process of hiring a "skilled and Professional candidate" for the job that needs to be filled. Lateral hiring is said to be the one of the most widely used tools my most HR professionals, often by recruitment agencies, but it’s said that you must do it right to get it right!

Lateral Hiring can sound almost like a hefty job to match, but what follows proper lateral hiring is nearly exceptional, having just the same amount of expertise, the knowledge, it may be worth it!

Let the job to us and you can focus on your business!

Lateral Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions

We at Adler Talent Solution, have fared among the top 10 Non-Tech HR Service Providers, provide variety of customized HR services tailor-made for every clients, we have marked our feat in lateral hiring which we have been doing well, for the past 4 years!

When a company (the hiring one) hires a new employee on a very similar to the one ‘preceding’ on the basis of work experience, the pay and other things, so basically finding a fit for the empty space is what is called as lateral hiring.

For further information, contact us at Adler Talent Solutions.

Stay tuned in for further updates on this blog about lateral hiring.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Engaging your work force - Tips to consider

We discussed previously in the previous blogs that how we can foster our workforce into better directed work engagement right from better planning, to a getting the best hired candidates to building a positive work culture!

But for all of that we need to make sure that whatever it is that we put on the plate, it should be toothsome, something that the employees like, not something that make them feel burdened! So in this blog, we`d give you tips to consider their side of the court!

5. Ask for feedback, changes!

Support career management by providing regular performance review. This helps not only the employer but also the employee, it ensures connection with the culture of the organisation, On the other hand also giving an employee for scope of correction and learning.

Also lay aside space to recognize and celebrate success, achievements, progress and accomplishments. This is in fact one of the best kind of engagement of employees, colleagues.

Train supervisors to use conversations which are oriented in dealing with the staff for a deeper understanding of the team’s motivators, drivers and talents. these conversations, have a deeper meaning, it would motivate employees work harder, stay longer and exceed expectations of what was expected of them

6. Build good relationships!

Positive, proactive relationships Initiatives might just break the ice!

What to consider:
Coaching and mentoring
Celebrate employee birthdays and employment anniversaries
Help managers hold career conversations with their team members

The relationship between employee and manager will impact largely on the engagement level of an employee towards any organization. It makes them believe how important they are equally to the organization, as the organization is to them!.

These are a few tips, which our Adler team never fails to practice in the first place, stay tuned to our blogs for how we follow such tips to bring out the best of employees!. For more information contact us at Adler Talent Solutions

Thursday, 21 September 2017

How to engage your work force for enhanced work production 2

In continuation from where we left, in the last blog, we discussed how getting the first step right makes things easier, like hiring the right fits for the job, individual who are motivated and equally pumped for working hard and being engaged than a swarm of employees who need a push every day to keep themselves equipped and productive.

Ofcourse, with hiring right one must also have things panned out as to what should be the plan for the employees to keep them working all along. There are also other tips as listed below. 
Engage your Workforce - Adler Talent Solutions

3. Share the ‘big picture’
Always, an engaged employee is proud of the role he plays in an organization. But remember we don’t have to manufacture donkeys working day and night with no purpose or motivation. Give them the ‘larger picture’ address the organization’s vision and strategy. This helps them get an overall sense of organization’s goals and progress.

Also, keep them in the loop about how the company fared in a certain test, how well things are progressing, also when company goes through a rough phase , “let them know” it not only builds trust, it makes employees more inclined towards doing work more productively.  

4. Build a culture of collaboration 
It’s an old adage that a bunch of sticks are harder to break than an individual stick. So goes the case for collaboration in any work space, collaboration is said to be one of the main pillars of employee engagement. 

Allow and promote group activities, always combined brain power looms large over individual talent all the way, share ideas, incorporate suggestions, use talent to the correct use and not to forget creativity, which fosters more when there is collaborated efforts. Researchers have often proved that organizations, which have more group activity and those which promote collaboration fare well on the productivity scale than otherwise!

There is more to this blogs, for further reading on the same stay tuned in to our blogs!
Aiming to provide simple recruitment tips to issues one can deal with on daily basis. At Adler Talent Solution, we also offer variety of customized HR Solutions, Ranging right from Recruitment, Payroll Management, to Training and Statutory Compliance.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

How to Engage your Workforce for Enhanced Work Production 1

It is always assumed that if you engage employees just in the right way, it pays off with higher levels of performances, motivated commitment, and loyalty. But for that, you need to build an engaged work culture, for which there are multiple ways to promote such mechanisms of action. Besides, there are a lot of studies which prove the fact that having an engaged workforce aids better work promotion, and there is more sense of motivation in such scenarios.

Engage your Workforce - Adler Talent Solution
These scenarios however are not very difficult to create, in fact they can just be managed with the considerations listed below.

1. Hire right

Recruitment is the first step, and you cannot have your first step taken wrong! Always one must recruit an employee who seems to better align with the values and beliefs of the organization. Because its not very easy instilling a kind of motivation if it is any way absent. Besides if we get the first step right the later problem ease out themselves. One should look out  for candidates with a sense of purpose, interest, and importantly passion. Use the recruiting process in the apt way to discover a candidate’s interests and you will always hire right!

2. Analyzing measures 

If you want to cultivate a culture in your office which involves the employees to be engaged first for that u need a bold plan with an solid implementation and secondly you need a proper evaluation method to analyze it.

Not everything that is thought out mentally is well implemented, you need to check its degree of application by various staff surveys, group discussions, to keep the engagement just optimal. However, we cannot forget the regularity here because once in 6 months survey will not crack the pot, the surveys, other evaluation must need to be regular to identify issues, for correcting them for better promotion of work.

These were just the two methods, for further reading on the same stay tuned in to our blogs!
Aiming to provide simple recruitment tips to  issues one can deal with on daily basis. At Adler Talent Solutions, we also offer variety of customized HR solutions, ranging  right from Recruitment Solutions, Payroll Solutions, to Training and Statutory Compliance.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Common Mistakes In CVs And Cover Letters-Part 1

Adler Talent Solutions is a top non-tech recruitment agency in Ahmedabad  providing recruitment solutions and customized HR services,for the past few years, we have been continuously recruiting and hiring candidates across varied fields, with all being said, we highly feel the need to educate the general mass as to what are the common mistakes that we come across and how it can be prevented.

Non-Tech HR Company Provider-Adler Talent Solutions
We have listed a few below:

Failure to follow instructions/poor attention to detail

Follow the firm’s application details and method of selection.  

For example, if the instructions are a CV (two pages maximum) plus a one page cover letter addressed to a specific person, then prepare a CV (two pages maximum) plus a one page cover addressed to the specific person.

If the firm’s minimum qualification is a “2:1 degree in any discipline”,do not apply if you achieved a 2:2 or 3rd without talking to the law firm/recruitment consultant first to ask their advice.

Incorrect sign-off

We often see cover letters beginning with “Dear Sir/Madam” and ending with “Yours sincerely”.  This is wrong. “Yours sincerely” is only the correct sign-off where you are writing to a specific person.  If you don’t know who you are writing to, the correct sign-off is “Yours faithfully”.

Most law firms will give instructions to write to a specific person; if that is the case, the sign-off you should use is “Yours sincerely”.  The “sincerely” part does not need to be capitalized.

Incorrect use of capital letters

You only need to use a capital letter in certain circumstances, for example:
•           At the beginning of a sentence
•           For any proper noun – which is a specific person, place or organisation
•           In abbreviations, e.g. United Kingdom becomes UK

Incorrect use of apostrophes

Learn the correct use of apostrophes.  Some of the most common mistakes we see on CVs and cover letters are:
• It’s and its. “It’s” is a contraction for “it is” or “it has”. “Its” is used to indicate possession.
• A levels and GCSEs. It is incorrect to write “A level’s” or “GCSE’s”.
• Your and you’re. “Your” indicates possession. “You’re” is a contraction of the words “you are”.

These were a few of the many errors, there are more grievous errors which we have taken care of in the next blog to follow. Keep reading our blogs, and if you want any further assistance contact us.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How To Shrug Away The Devil Of Politics-Part 2

At work, there are certain things which we have absolutely no control over. Work politics is certainly one of them. It is not unusual to find favorisms, wordy banters, side lining of ideas or individuals due to circumstances in a work place. It’s always been there and will always be, all one can do is to ensure, he is more or less resistant to those kind of man oeuvres.

Non Tech HR Service Provider Company in Ahmedabad-Adler Talent Solutions
Instead of feeling victimized and agitated about the situation, one must focus on the things listed below:

Don’t enthusiastically take sides.

It’s said that there is always the right side and the wrong side. Surprisingly enough, in any work culture there is nothing wrong and nothing right, its all about who’s favor you take. So the solution is don’t take one! No matter how outlandish the thought of diplomacy may sound, it “seems to be it, to fit!!”

Strong side takers may once get the rise, but in the long run it does more harm than it does the positives. No authorities like to be challenged, no body want a thought checker for everything he processes. So take sides only when it’s needed instead of being an overly enthused arguer.

Don’t get personal

It’s obvious you are going to have fights in any office, relevant, irrelevant everything basically, but anywhere remember you always have a option to leave the situation! You don’t always have to win an argument, especially not with your seniors. So know to draw the line, especially with getting personal. Remember, come what may, never draw personal issues into any argument. People tend to remember personal statements more than generalized one, so if you don’t want it to back fire, big- NO

Think win-win

Even if you realize you have become a scapegoat, it is probably not the end of the world. Come up with a solution, something that can benefit the both! Give them an opportunity to score the goal while you assist! This is how you can break the barrier and set free!

For any further assistance related to recruitment services or recruitment tips, contact us.Adler Talent Solutions is a Top Non Tech HR Company specializing in Executive Leadership Search/Recruitment in India, Middle East and Africa also providing customized solutions of temporary staffing and payroll services for global organizations in various industries. 

Non Tech HR Service Provider Company in Ahmedabad

Monday, 4 September 2017

How To Shrug Away The Devil Of Politics - Part 1

In recent year, employees have continuously struggled with politics which has negatively dented the output and yields of an individual as well as a team. Acidic politics has a long lasting negative impact on an organisation and most of us have been its casualty at one time or other. So what are the best ways and techniques to alleviate the acidity in the organisational politics? Here are some of the implements and techniques that one can use to reduce the play of politics.

Non Tech HR Service Providers In Ahmedabad-Adler Talent Solutions
Aligning goals reduces political activism

It’s pretty simple, when you have a goal which is the same of your colleague there would be a sense of oneness. As a result, more people will share the same understanding of end objective. The individual efforts of the members will now be more inclined towards the common agenda, and thus your colleagues will not attempt to chip away at each other through political man oeuvres.

Goal alignment has hence proven to be an effective tool in extenuating political activism especially when the individual is doing it consciously to ensure his/ her goals are first met.

Reduce uncertainty and ambiguity

Uncertainty and ambiguity are synonyms of dearth of knowledge; which simply makes any individual more prone to any sort of political attack. Lack of information is universally known to be a cause of fear to many people, and the moment you have fears anybody becomes vulnerable. It is these vulnerable and gullible targets which are made scapegoats. Similar patterns come into play when an atmosphere of ambiguity comes into existence; ambiguity is very similar to uncertainty. In uncertainty, there is a general lack of information regarding overall circumstances, whereas in ambiguity there are specific areas where the information is missing.

The best way to solve these triggering factors is to stand up with confidence; of course prior knowledge is the key, but also otherwise one must be certain and constant with what he stand ups for.

Well, keep up with the next article to learn more about how to deal with the demons of work politics. For more such tips and related blogs refer to out blog. Alongside providing recruitment tips and work tips, we provide Recruitment Services and customized hr services at Adler talent solution. For any such assistance contact us.

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Friday, 1 September 2017

Things You Should Know About Statutory Compliance – Part 2

In the previous blog we discussed what exactly is Statutory compliance and why is it necessary to be followed! In here, today we will go at lengths discussing various compliances necessary in India. 

What are the Statutory Compliance Required For Indian Payroll management?

The common Statutory Compliance Provider  in Ahmedabad that companies in India have to come in line with:

Statutory Compliance - Adler Talent Solutions
Minimum Wages

This act attributes to fixing minimum rates of wages for skilled and unskilled laborers. The “minimum wages act” guarantees minimum wages for workers. Payment of “overtime wages” on the other hand is also a statutory requirement as per the “Factory Act & Payment of Wages Act.” Which most of the companies fail to address 
 Often a centralized Payroll Management like the one we offer at Adler can deal with the same discussed.

TDS Deduction

Every company who pay the salary to the employees have to deduct TDS under ”section 192 of the Income tax Act, 1961”, if the salary is more than maximum amount let off from tax. The employers also need to generate “Form 24Q and Form 16” in time. Whilst, there some salary components those have an effect on TDS deduction like: HRA, Special allowance, Leave travel allowance, Children education allowance, Medical allowance, Investments.

Statutory Compliance For ESI Fund And PF Deduction

ESI fund, maintained by ESIC. This is applicable to employees who earn Rs 15,000 or less per month. This states that, it is essential to provide for cash and medical benefits to them and their families.
On the other hand, PF is a compulsory contributory fund for the future of the employees after their retirement or for their dependents in case of their early death.

Professional Taxes

Professional tax is also known as employment tax. It is the deductions from the gross income before computing the payable salary.


Gratuity is kind of dividend given to employees by employer when an employee completes five years in service. Gratuity is calculated as 

Basic + DA divided by 26 * No of years of service *15.

There are various other compliance like maternal benefits, ELDI which implies (Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme) and other benefits and laws that a company has to follow by default. Adler talent solution which is one of the topmost non-Tech HR service provider company assures you to provide the best in class service spanning over all customized HR services right from Recruitment Services , payroll management to statutory compliance.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Most Promising Non Tech HR Service Provider 2017

Full filling promises, completing work tasks, employee contentment and of course keeping the clients satisfied have always been a consistent element with Adler Talent Solutions.  It is almost certain for anything to reach a crescendo when its worked out with utmost determination and diligence”, so goes the case with Adler, a Non Tech HR service Provider Company in Ahmedabad which has managed to peak within a span of 3.5 years!

Raj Lalwani - Adler Talent Solutions

In August’17 Adler Talent Solutions was felicitated with an award from Silicon-India Magazine for featuring in the “10 most Promising top Non Tech HR Service Providers in India. Mr. Raj Lalwani the managing director of Adler, very pleased with the award said; “Its indeed a great pleasure for all of us at Adler and a remarkable achievement for company that within span of 3.5 years of incorporation our brand is getting recognized amongst the Industry.”

The award coming within 3.5 years of inception definitely shows how meticulousness and assiduousness brings the best of anything, that’s the growth that Adler talent solution mimics! Mr.Lalwani says, “We are looking forward to achieve many such milestones in the coming years.” This award will be a huge uptick for the recognition of our brand for, It will instill trust in our clients which will not only help us with niche but also confidential assignments and from the candidate’s side, it will help them have that confidence of being connected to the team of professional recognized and trusted recruiters.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Things You Should Know About Statutory Compliance- Part 1

In this blog, I will walk you through the details and questions pertaining to statutory compliance.

What does one mean by statutory compliance? 

Statutory compliance, in literal terms refers to abiding to the statutory laws of a country which protect the employee. In higher respects it refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate, in the treatment of their employees.

Statutory Compliance - Adler Talent Solutions
There are several hundreds of federal and state labor laws in every country that companies need to fall in line with. With the list being forever added to, lot of effort and money goes into guaranteeing compliance to these laws which could span over a range of issues; from the professional taxes, managing the payment of minimum wages to maternity benefits and various others.

Thus, dealing with Statutory Compliance requires companies to be experienced and well informed about the various labor regulations in their country.

What Is The Need For Statutory Compliance?

It’s pretty simple, adhere to statutory compliance is necessary for all big and small companies in the world to keep their businesses safe from the legal hitches. A deep knowledge of statutory compliance is required to curtail the risk allied with the noncompliance of statutory requirements.

In today’s cut-throat business world, it is very moiling and an uphill task for employers to manage Statutory Compliance without a good payroll service provider. India has various kinds of such requirements that companies have to comply to. If companies fail to obey the statutory compliance, they may have to face heavy penalties which may severely dent the finances of any company.

Hope this article serves as a basis to clear your basic doubts related to statutory compliance, stay tuned to our blogs for the details we’d be discussing about the laws that a company needs to comply with to stay legally fit.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

There Is Always a Scope To Learn –With Training Services At Adler Talent Solution

Training - Adler Talent Solutions
Every organization needs resources in order to gain competitive advantages. The priority always should be employees for, they are the soul of any organization. These employees can enhance and flourish the competencies of the organization, but for that their competency and their skill set has to be increased and that can be done only through proper Training.

Every organization needs to change itself according to the dynamic environment. For that employees need to be updated with the new skills, knowledge and technologies. The employees need to be given timely update on their personal and professional skills via Training which allows optimum utilization of employees in order to get the best out of them.

Proper training of the employees makes them learn more and better, which results in their development which ultimately helps the development of the organization.  The organization hence gains competitive advantage and can explore its competencies with minimal cost and time through basic training of employees.

Adler Talent Solutions provide specialized training services by hired experts in various fields like Ethics and business conduct training, Sales training, Communicative help, Counseling and mentoring, Conflict management, Interview and recruitment training, Presentation skills, Teamwork and team management training, Professional grooming training, Interpersonal training and various others.

For that Adler provides multiple unique training services which guarantee the building of competencies of your organization.

Adler Talent Solution being the Leading Non-Tech Human Resource Consultancy in Ahmedabad  aims to provides a Vestibule training, for the enhancement of both the employee and the organization.

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Sunday, 27 August 2017

How Good Is Your Recruitment Agency?-Part-2

In the last blog, we talked about how sly recruitment agencies pounce on chances they get from already troubled people frantically searching for a job.

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There are also few other questions, which we try to clear which may help you to get a clearer picture of a counterfeit Recruitment Consultants.

Are they overstating and overdoing things?

It’s often a trademark of poor consultants, where they guarantee you the job. Nobody but the company that is to hire can guarantee you the job. Again, look for consultants who are honest from the beginning and not those who are quick to promise.

Do your consultants lay their weight over a particular job?

The role of the recruitment consultant is to unearth a position that meets your career aspirations. "It isn't the role of the Recruitment Consultant to maneuver you off from your career interests and toward open positions from that they recognize they'll earn a lot of commission.". You should feel completed by the consultancy, not forced, it should be favoring your interests and certainly not theirs!

Have You Been Asked Too Many Information Gathering Questions?

There might be a catch!.
Believe it or not, some unprincipled consultants can raise you to call the businesses you have sent your CV to, in order that they will avoid sending it once more, that they argue may damage your chances. The consultant would by now have a list of companies currently recruiting, which they can send other candidates to.

Remember That It’s Not All bad Out There

If you follow the simple thumb-rules above and look out for the indicators of bad practice there is no reason why you won’t find a good and principled recruitment agency. Our team at Adler Talent Solution are always there to help, feel free  to Contact Us. We offer a wide range of customized recruitment solution right from lateral hiring, temporary staffing to managing payroll , training and of course statutory compliance!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

How Good Is Your Recruitment Agency??

Often there are people who go through financial cataclysm unemployment soon follows! There has been no country which has yet been able to overcome this issue. It’s a period that job seekers need all the support and guidance they can get. Alas, it is a lush period for bad Recruitment Agencies to ply their unscrupulous trickery. However, there are some indicator of bad recruiting practices which, when known, will help you spot and avoid such agencies.

Non-Tech HR Service Providers - Adler Talent Solutions
Are you being charged?

"If your recruitment agency effort to charge you a fee for his or her recruiting services warning bells ought to buzz your ears straight off.". For the record, apparently Recruitment agency fees are paid by the company that hires you. You should never sign a contract in which you agree to pay for something your new employer should be paying for, no matter how great their lingo about a “grand scale personalized recruitment campaign” sounds.

Are they not informed?

Then why are they even a Recruitment Consultant? Recruitment is a sector which is rife in competition and if your service providers aren’t competent and knowledgeable it’s a clear indication of sub-standard services. It’s simple. If they are not doing their best, you are losing out on an opportunity and not them!! 

Is the truth compromised?

Often, consultants misguide their clients saying its fine to lie in an interview or on the CV about any professional or personal details. This does not in any way alleviate the concerns; rather it makes you as much unethical as your consultant. It’s hard coming around the truth, but there is literally no coming around a lie!

Well, seemingly enough no amount of questions you read are going to solve the query of a consultancy firm being either good or bad, but Experience. It is something you understand only when you become a part for. So be a part of our Adler talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and see how we turn around things for you! About the questions, keep reading the next update on this blog how good is your Recruitment Company Part-2

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