Friday, 6 October 2017

How Should one get ready for Campus Recruitment

Welcome back, having read the older blogs on Campus Recruitment we basically have an idea of the basic Dos and Don’ts of campus recruitment. We discussed how correct job description, pre placement talks, and the right filtering process would aid the campus recruitment.

Now we will discuss how the correct process of interview would help crack the right talent you are looking for!

Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions
Interview Smartly

Before the interview is conducted, usually a paper and pen questionnaire is conducted, for basic understanding of the candidate. But usually such tests are not fit enough to have the candidates clear the screening parameters, so a detailed interview is usually more preferable.

The final decision however, can be made via personal interviews. Taking back-to-back interviews can be tiring and this could result in errors. Following are a few ways in which you can minimize interviews hick-ups:

  • Conduct at least 2 interviews for each candidate, so that one messed up interview should not be the basis of rejection.
  • Do not judge a candidate solely on the basis of technical aptitude alone. A lot of candidates have more applicative aptitude than the technical aptitude. This in fact is more important.
  • Have a large bank of questions for the interviews to minimize the repetition of questions during interviews. As, Candidates discuss their interview experiences with each other.
  • Manage interview time slabbing to ensure that candidates don’t have to wait long hours. Waiting can be exhausting and demotivating, which in turn can affect performance.
Traditional Campus Recruitment approaches are time exhaustive and not intelligent enough to assure top-quality hires. If you have talents that are diverse, candidates spread across multiple colleges, that is how you will end up having a better hire!

But, also having said that Campus Recruitment is not as easy a process as it might seem, it involves operating strenuous processes so if you want to our source campus recruitment to a reliable source, especially in and around Gujarat, Adler Talent Solutions team may serve you with the same. So feel free to contact us.

Preparing for Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions

Campus recruitment may not be as easy task to handle as it might seem for either the recruiters or the candidate who apply for the same, so to help you with that we have listed down strategies!

Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions
We did discuss job description before we’ll discuss the others in here:

Be Innovative with Your Pre-Placement talk
The Pre-placement talk is vital in attracting the right talent. It is what sets the initial idea of your company. While geographical expansion, growth/outreach-related numbers, and stats would be impressive, it is how a person can contribute or make an impact is what matters the most. Your Pre-placement talk should nearly cover the following points:
  • How they will fit in as new college graduates
  • How they can make an impact
  • Work culture
  • Hierarchy followed within the organization
  • Types of projects
  • Interesting market and technology trends

Filter Candidates using Assessments
This step of Campus Recruitment is supposedly the most important for the employer, because filtering the right candidates for interviews is critical to the success of a any campus recruitment.

Simple processes like resume filtering alone cannot help you assess candidates. Due to the sheer volume, it is likely that relevant candidates may fall through the cracks. Preliminary written tests are a more reliable way to assess candidates. The objective of these tests is to filter out those candidates who don’t have that essential skill you require. It is appealing to cover multiple topics, such as technical aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, psychometric quotient, and so on. However, what works best are short and purposeful tests.

We at Adler Talent Solutions can help you with identifying your hiring needs, and help you execute the same with complete ease. So for recruiters who wish to hire specially in the area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, or also otherwise, or employers, who are located far away from the institute you want to hire, we at Adler talent solution will help you co-ordinate with same, so feel free to contact us!

Thursday, 5 October 2017

How should one Prepare for Campus Recruitment

Campus hiring is the most effective way to hire recent graduates. Each year, about 800 organizations hire more than 100,000 graduates from 3500+ colleges in India. While the primary goal of campus hiring is to bring in fresh talent, it also helps to build a brand name among the top colleges in the country.

Despite being one of the most common recruitment practices, the campus hiring process is extemporized and often mismanaged. Traditional Campus Recruitment involves many considerations like a large number of candidates to filter from, stiff competition between companies hiring simultaneously, and so on. There are many things that could go wrong with the same.

Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions

Here are a few strategies that can help you make the most of your campus-hiring drive.
They may be in respect to :
  • The correct job description
  • Pre-placement talks
  • Filtering candidates
  • Tasks performed
  • The mainly the “Interview”
Jitter up the job description
A well-written job description can set the right tuning and expectation that will help you connect better with the candidates. An extension of your brand, a job description needs to give a one- or two-line company overview or description, and mention the right job title, core responsibilities required, minimum requirements, and compensation and benefits.

During campus-recruitment drives, candidates have to choose between multiple opportunities from various companies. This is especially during the first few days of the campus hiring season in any college. Interesting and crisp-yet-informative job descriptions can tip the scales in your good turn.

At Adler Talent Solutions, we`ll help you with narrowing the efforts that you otherwise have to take in accomplishing such tasks like these, for any help feel free to contact us. We shall surely be of help if you have to conduct a recruitment campaign in any institute in Gujarat, we would rather get the job done for you than come all the way if u belong to other faraway places.

And don’t forget to read our next blog update on the campus recruitment!!

Monday, 2 October 2017

What is lateral hiring? Is it what your company should look for? - Part 2

This is an update from the previous blog, in which we had understood the basic needs of what an incoming candidate looks for and what to target, like we need to understand as to if they want a better pay, looking for a change, looking for leadership, or be it nearly anything .In this log we will deal with what an employer of an organization can offer to the incoming recruits.

What can your Organisation Offer?
When you understand the daily issues and problems of someone that you want to hire, you are in a much better position when you have to pitch your organisation to them.

The best way to go ahead is by developing a set of offers and highlight specific areas of business of interest that you feel could benefit them in the long-term.

Lateral Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions

These benefits may be:
  • A Flexible working day shows that your organisation is considerate of employee well being and happiness.
  • Lots of Opportunities for training and developing new skills.
  • Exciting new projects to work on and the chance to access leadership roles.
  • Projects that suit a lateral hires’ specific skill set and allows them to use their expertise.
  • A Mentor-Ship program that allows healthy progression into more advanced roles.
  • More involvement in the direction of your organisation.
  • A Collaborative working culture that values the input and ideas of all employees.
Lateral hires can be certainly effective in terms of recruitment, as they can bring new outlook and dexterity to your organisation.

We at Adler Talent Solutions will help you narrow down the efforts of going through the constraints of Lateral hiring which on the other hand would be our forte to deal in.
So, hesitate not thou, and feel free to contact us!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

What is Lateral Hiring? Is it what your Company should look for? - Part 1

In the previous blog, we discussed about Lateral Hiring, and how exactly does the concept of lateral hiring fits in the hiring process of any HR Strategy. This blog would focus more on what candidates look for during lateral hiring process.

Lateral Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions

What are the Employees looking for?
Well, it’s always a difficult question to gauge as to what a candidate may look for, but usually starting a conversation directly asking for involvement would be a bold move to make, rather if they are asked first if they want a job change or otherwise should smoothen out the process.

Often serve them something of value and their issues may be answered:
  • Undervalued - Candidates may feel it in their jobs, may be looking for better career opportunities.
  • Fresh Ideas -  Looking for fresher, more appealing perspectives
  • Flexibility - May be the previous job may have very stringent timing so looking for bettering that.
  • Leadership - A few people are meant to lead may be they shall not be getting o express themselves much.
  • Skill - May be the candidates are looking to expand their skill sets.
  • Work Culture - Candidates are often a fan of good work culture, so if such a need is catered to, lateral hiring might crack it! There are people who like working in a diverse culture, more ethical, more progressive cultures!
  • Wages - An Employee may be looking for better incentives and pay benefits from work.

These were the few of the many things which a candidate may look for, so if you are in search of a recruitment agency, we here at Adler talent solution offer one of the best customized HR Services, specializing in all kinds of recruitment.

For further support, contact us at Adler Talent Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Stay tuned in for further updates on this blog!

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