Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Most Promising Non Tech HR Service Provider 2017

Full filling promises, completing work tasks, employee contentment and of course keeping the clients satisfied have always been a consistent element with Adler Talent Solutions.  It is almost certain for anything to reach a crescendo when its worked out with utmost determination and diligence”, so goes the case with Adler, a Non Tech HR service Provider Company in Ahmedabad which has managed to peak within a span of 3.5 years!

Raj Lalwani - Adler Talent Solutions

In August’17 Adler Talent Solutions was felicitated with an award from Silicon-India Magazine for featuring in the “10 most Promising top Non Tech HR Service Providers in India. Mr. Raj Lalwani the managing director of Adler, very pleased with the award said; “Its indeed a great pleasure for all of us at Adler and a remarkable achievement for company that within span of 3.5 years of incorporation our brand is getting recognized amongst the Industry.”

The award coming within 3.5 years of inception definitely shows how meticulousness and assiduousness brings the best of anything, that’s the growth that Adler talent solution mimics! Mr.Lalwani says, “We are looking forward to achieve many such milestones in the coming years.” This award will be a huge uptick for the recognition of our brand for, It will instill trust in our clients which will not only help us with niche but also confidential assignments and from the candidate’s side, it will help them have that confidence of being connected to the team of professional recognized and trusted recruiters.

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Things You Should Know About Statutory Compliance- Part 1

In this blog, I will walk you through the details and questions pertaining to statutory compliance.

What does one mean by statutory compliance? 

Statutory compliance, in literal terms refers to abiding to the statutory laws of a country which protect the employee. In higher respects it refers to the legal framework within which organizations must operate, in the treatment of their employees.

Statutory Compliance - Adler Talent Solutions
There are several hundreds of federal and state labor laws in every country that companies need to fall in line with. With the list being forever added to, lot of effort and money goes into guaranteeing compliance to these laws which could span over a range of issues; from the professional taxes, managing the payment of minimum wages to maternity benefits and various others.

Thus, dealing with Statutory Compliance requires companies to be experienced and well informed about the various labor regulations in their country.

What Is The Need For Statutory Compliance?

It’s pretty simple, adhere to statutory compliance is necessary for all big and small companies in the world to keep their businesses safe from the legal hitches. A deep knowledge of statutory compliance is required to curtail the risk allied with the noncompliance of statutory requirements.

In today’s cut-throat business world, it is very moiling and an uphill task for employers to manage Statutory Compliance without a good payroll service provider. India has various kinds of such requirements that companies have to comply to. If companies fail to obey the statutory compliance, they may have to face heavy penalties which may severely dent the finances of any company.

Hope this article serves as a basis to clear your basic doubts related to statutory compliance, stay tuned to our blogs for the details we’d be discussing about the laws that a company needs to comply with to stay legally fit.

For further assistance contact us. 

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Monday, 28 August 2017

There Is Always a Scope To Learn –With Training Services At Adler Talent Solution

Training - Adler Talent Solutions
Every organization needs resources in order to gain competitive advantages. The priority always should be employees for, they are the soul of any organization. These employees can enhance and flourish the competencies of the organization, but for that their competency and their skill set has to be increased and that can be done only through proper Training.

Every organization needs to change itself according to the dynamic environment. For that employees need to be updated with the new skills, knowledge and technologies. The employees need to be given timely update on their personal and professional skills via Training which allows optimum utilization of employees in order to get the best out of them.

Proper training of the employees makes them learn more and better, which results in their development which ultimately helps the development of the organization.  The organization hence gains competitive advantage and can explore its competencies with minimal cost and time through basic training of employees.

Adler Talent Solutions provide specialized training services by hired experts in various fields like Ethics and business conduct training, Sales training, Communicative help, Counseling and mentoring, Conflict management, Interview and recruitment training, Presentation skills, Teamwork and team management training, Professional grooming training, Interpersonal training and various others.

For that Adler provides multiple unique training services which guarantee the building of competencies of your organization.

Adler Talent Solution being the Leading Non-Tech Human Resource Consultancy in Ahmedabad  aims to provides a Vestibule training, for the enhancement of both the employee and the organization.

To know more about learning and training services feel free to Contact Us.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

How Good Is Your Recruitment Agency?-Part-2

In the last blog, we talked about how sly recruitment agencies pounce on chances they get from already troubled people frantically searching for a job.

Non Tech HR Service Provider Company in Ahmedabad
There are also few other questions, which we try to clear which may help you to get a clearer picture of a counterfeit Recruitment Consultants.

Are they overstating and overdoing things?

It’s often a trademark of poor consultants, where they guarantee you the job. Nobody but the company that is to hire can guarantee you the job. Again, look for consultants who are honest from the beginning and not those who are quick to promise.

Do your consultants lay their weight over a particular job?

The role of the recruitment consultant is to unearth a position that meets your career aspirations. "It isn't the role of the Recruitment Consultant to maneuver you off from your career interests and toward open positions from that they recognize they'll earn a lot of commission.". You should feel completed by the consultancy, not forced, it should be favoring your interests and certainly not theirs!

Have You Been Asked Too Many Information Gathering Questions?

There might be a catch!.
Believe it or not, some unprincipled consultants can raise you to call the businesses you have sent your CV to, in order that they will avoid sending it once more, that they argue may damage your chances. The consultant would by now have a list of companies currently recruiting, which they can send other candidates to.

Remember That It’s Not All bad Out There

If you follow the simple thumb-rules above and look out for the indicators of bad practice there is no reason why you won’t find a good and principled recruitment agency. Our team at Adler Talent Solution are always there to help, feel free  to Contact Us. We offer a wide range of customized recruitment solution right from lateral hiring, temporary staffing to managing payroll , training and of course statutory compliance!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

How Good Is Your Recruitment Agency??

Often there are people who go through financial cataclysm unemployment soon follows! There has been no country which has yet been able to overcome this issue. It’s a period that job seekers need all the support and guidance they can get. Alas, it is a lush period for bad Recruitment Agencies to ply their unscrupulous trickery. However, there are some indicator of bad recruiting practices which, when known, will help you spot and avoid such agencies.

Non-Tech HR Service Providers - Adler Talent Solutions
Are you being charged?

"If your recruitment agency effort to charge you a fee for his or her recruiting services warning bells ought to buzz your ears straight off.". For the record, apparently Recruitment agency fees are paid by the company that hires you. You should never sign a contract in which you agree to pay for something your new employer should be paying for, no matter how great their lingo about a “grand scale personalized recruitment campaign” sounds.

Are they not informed?

Then why are they even a Recruitment Consultant? Recruitment is a sector which is rife in competition and if your service providers aren’t competent and knowledgeable it’s a clear indication of sub-standard services. It’s simple. If they are not doing their best, you are losing out on an opportunity and not them!! 

Is the truth compromised?

Often, consultants misguide their clients saying its fine to lie in an interview or on the CV about any professional or personal details. This does not in any way alleviate the concerns; rather it makes you as much unethical as your consultant. It’s hard coming around the truth, but there is literally no coming around a lie!

Well, seemingly enough no amount of questions you read are going to solve the query of a consultancy firm being either good or bad, but Experience. It is something you understand only when you become a part for. So be a part of our Adler talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and see how we turn around things for you! About the questions, keep reading the next update on this blog how good is your Recruitment Company Part-2

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