Saturday, 30 December 2017

The different ways that can improve Recruitment

Recruitment is getting tougher day by day. It means finding good employees is not easy. There is no science or exact formula that will make sure you are able to hire the right candidate, let’s see the different guidelines that will help in searching the right candidate.

The different ways that can improve Recruitment

Understand what you are searching for
Before you put up an advertisement, it is important to understand what you are searching for; you can hire a candidate, if you find the prospective candidate is perfect and will adjust well with the company’s environment, and hiring manager.

Write a convincing advertisement
You can’t have an advertisement that looks the same like other’s advertisement. Your advertisement should stand out among the crowd and be unique, otherwise it won’t get noticed. Mention the qualification, job responsibilities and information about the company in the advertisement. Candidates apply not for the job but for the company.

You should mention the salary. Any candidate, earning much more than what you can offer, will not apply and waste time. If you feel the candidate is good and you’re unable to offer them, you can also mention the other perks or incentives.

Post the advertisement
It is always better to post the advertisement in various places, like in job sites or Recruitment Company, where you need to pay  or at college career websites that are mostly free.

Right time
Posting the advertisement at the right time of the year is very important. Recruiting fresh graduates even before completion of their final year is not correct. Select the right months to recruit. Trying to recruit in the wrong months will yield poor results. Posting on Friday can fetch you positive results because people who are currently working will like to catch up on weekends.

Be organized
When you start receiving resumes in your inbox, it is essential to create a sub directory; you can shift all the resumes to the sub directory from the inbox.

You should review all the resumes after a few days after posting the advertisement. You can also create about three sub directories with titles, no, maybe and yes. You won’t end up wasting time searching for the right candidates, all the good resumes will be available in the ‘yes’ sub directory.

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Thursday, 28 December 2017

A good resume plays an important part in Recruitment

In this ocean of average to very good applications, you should be able to identify and understand good resumes quickly. A good resume will force you to call the candidate or you would put the resume in the selected resume pile.

Every candidate is aware that resume is the first way of introducing themselves to the company; you need to put efforts to make the resume readable. Even before going through the content, what people look at is how well formatted and clear the resume is.
Name of the candidate and address and contact details should be on the top and work history should be written in a chronological order. Make sure, once the resume is put together properly and looks absolutely professional, start reading the resume.

We have seen in recruitment, one of the reasons why a candidate rejects a role or turns down a role is commute time and location. It is very crucial to make sure that the candidate is comfortable with the move and has no plans to leave as soon as they get a job close by, so it is better to select candidates through their address. It is better to select candidates who don’t need to waste time commuting to the office. Certain resumes clearly mention the areas that are suitable for them.

Last two roles
It is important that the last role is relevant to the role that you are planning to recruit for. The last role should be rich in content or should be more in detail, this will help in deciding to place it either in accept or reject heap of resumes.

Any resume showing two to three job changes in a year is definitely a worry. A good resume will show a good tenure with each company.

Any good resume will show the educational background properly, if the details are missing or incomplete, either the candidate is not aware or does not have much to mention.

Give attention to details
To identify a good resume, a quick scan by an HR professional is enough. Poor sentence construction and spelling mistakes, makes it obvious that the rest of the resume won’t be impressive. Hence, it is important to re-check for mistakes before submitting it.

Adler Talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the rapidly growing Human Resources company, recently recognized as India's top 10 Non Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India Magazine 2017. HR services includes Recruitments and HR outsourcing services.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India – 2017

There has to be a functional unit in every organization that formulates strategies and programs to successfully attract, assess and hire talent in assigned business units across the company. Setting aside the technical skills which job seekers must display, the qualities such as analytical skills, empathy, communication & presentation skills,ability to listen, business sense, and entrepreneurial mindset has to be scrutinized using reliable yardsticks if the recruits should deliver value to the company.

10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India – 2017

The scope of a HR department which handles these responsibilities also extends to everyday functions such as payroll, temp staffing, statutory compliance,and training. A multitude of SMEs cannot afford to maintain anin-house HR department, while large enterprises often prefer to hand over a significant portion of these duties to someone overboard. Thus, these tasks are outsourced to HR consultants who take away these onuses from the company and deliver satisfactory results through their experience and expertise in the domain coupled with ethics and transparency.

The Non-Tech HR consultant space in India has grown to incorporate facility management, recruitment, contractual staffing,payroll & auditing, and numerous other services across a broad range of industries, both domestic and overseas. These companies take pride in providing comprehensive solutions in the manpower segment and offering complimentary services such as problem solving sessions, motivation, leadership development, professional communication, task & goal orientation,and others.

Silicon India brings to you the ‘10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers – 2017’, a directory listing the companies which are offering exemplary services in the industry. An expert panel of CIOs, CEOs and industry analysts, along with siliconindia‘s Editorial Board has performed a diligent evaluation of the industry before grading them in accordance with their merits. The enterprises listed are the ones which are persistently being the lifesaver for many enterprises through their efficient placement and HR services. The listing can also assist our readers in choosing HR consultants that suit their needs perfectly.

10 Most Promising Non-Tech HR Service Providers by Silicon India – 2017

Friday, 1 December 2017

How are Project Based Employee different from the Usual

Full-time employees and Project-Based contract workers are quite different on the basis of the length of their tenure with your business association, as well as the work policies that apply to them. usually hiring normal full time employees requires you maintain records of taxes, varied work place rules. while contractors for projects have more elasticity and are not entitled to any employee  benefits. Through this article we will help make the right choice choosing between them. Although you can always contact us for further help on the same.

Project Based Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions
Talking about Workers you hire for a specific project, often hired for a specific number of weeks or months until the project deadline is met. Project-Based workers usually have a limited time frame for their work, which however you cannot control the time they work or the method they approach and for the same they cannot be called as employees. On the other hand with employees, you have more control over the way they work and the time they work for an institution.

Taking about the scope of work for a full time employee, one can expand the duties as he/she grows in position, or alter departments if required, but the contract based staff works specifically on the contract he was signed on, with having no particular right to alter their modus operandi. Also the there are varied differences on the taxes that are required to pay when an full time employees are enrolled like the payroll taxes. While on the other hand the contractors are required to be paid as per agreed-upon compensation. And these contractors are themselves responsible for paying their own taxes.

Lastly talking about how the two can differ on how they cost you, the hired employees generally cost more, not only because of their work salary but also the work benefits they get, like insurances, health benefits, etc. While the contractors are only required to be paid for what was negotiated for their tenure of work.

We, at Adler Talent Solution offer varied human resource and recruitment services, where we will be a better guide for the service which suits your needs more and provide for it all the same, for further assistance contact us.

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