Thursday, 28 December 2017

A good resume plays an important part in Recruitment

In this ocean of average to very good applications, you should be able to identify and understand good resumes quickly. A good resume will force you to call the candidate or you would put the resume in the selected resume pile.

Every candidate is aware that resume is the first way of introducing themselves to the company; you need to put efforts to make the resume readable. Even before going through the content, what people look at is how well formatted and clear the resume is.
Name of the candidate and address and contact details should be on the top and work history should be written in a chronological order. Make sure, once the resume is put together properly and looks absolutely professional, start reading the resume.

We have seen in recruitment, one of the reasons why a candidate rejects a role or turns down a role is commute time and location. It is very crucial to make sure that the candidate is comfortable with the move and has no plans to leave as soon as they get a job close by, so it is better to select candidates through their address. It is better to select candidates who don’t need to waste time commuting to the office. Certain resumes clearly mention the areas that are suitable for them.

Last two roles
It is important that the last role is relevant to the role that you are planning to recruit for. The last role should be rich in content or should be more in detail, this will help in deciding to place it either in accept or reject heap of resumes.

Any resume showing two to three job changes in a year is definitely a worry. A good resume will show a good tenure with each company.

Any good resume will show the educational background properly, if the details are missing or incomplete, either the candidate is not aware or does not have much to mention.

Give attention to details
To identify a good resume, a quick scan by an HR professional is enough. Poor sentence construction and spelling mistakes, makes it obvious that the rest of the resume won’t be impressive. Hence, it is important to re-check for mistakes before submitting it.

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