Sunday, 27 August 2017

How Good Is Your Recruitment Agency?-Part-2

In the last blog, we talked about how sly recruitment agencies pounce on chances they get from already troubled people frantically searching for a job.

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There are also few other questions, which we try to clear which may help you to get a clearer picture of a counterfeit Recruitment Consultants.

Are they overstating and overdoing things?

It’s often a trademark of poor consultants, where they guarantee you the job. Nobody but the company that is to hire can guarantee you the job. Again, look for consultants who are honest from the beginning and not those who are quick to promise.

Do your consultants lay their weight over a particular job?

The role of the recruitment consultant is to unearth a position that meets your career aspirations. "It isn't the role of the Recruitment Consultant to maneuver you off from your career interests and toward open positions from that they recognize they'll earn a lot of commission.". You should feel completed by the consultancy, not forced, it should be favoring your interests and certainly not theirs!

Have You Been Asked Too Many Information Gathering Questions?

There might be a catch!.
Believe it or not, some unprincipled consultants can raise you to call the businesses you have sent your CV to, in order that they will avoid sending it once more, that they argue may damage your chances. The consultant would by now have a list of companies currently recruiting, which they can send other candidates to.

Remember That It’s Not All bad Out There

If you follow the simple thumb-rules above and look out for the indicators of bad practice there is no reason why you won’t find a good and principled recruitment agency. Our team at Adler Talent Solution are always there to help, feel free  to Contact Us. We offer a wide range of customized recruitment solution right from lateral hiring, temporary staffing to managing payroll , training and of course statutory compliance!

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