Thursday, 11 January 2018

The different ways to explore for talent

These days, the sources that is used by the recruitment team for searching candidate, is not giving satisfactory results, they are not able to find the talent as per their requirement.

Companies either have a database of candidates or use LinkedIn for their search. They should try using the services of a Recruitment agency, the recruitment agency will be able to fill the vacant position for your company.

Today, a lot of options are available to find the right talent; all you need is a good strategy that will work around the company and the career website. First step, is to understand the talent that you are looking for or plan to recruit. This is very vital to make sure to know what talent you’re recruiting and where can we find this talent?

The different ways to explore for talent

Given below are certain details important while searching for the right candidate.

Company – Where the candidate is working
Job title – The designation
Role – include all the industry phrases and keywords
What the candidate uses – The technology, tools, methodologies and systems
Education – Specific College, university and courses
Skills required – Work experience, languages, etc.
What is the Location – Which City, Country, etc?

The different ways to explore for talent for a company are;

Candidate data – You can always search your own company database. Over the period of time, your company database keeps expanding, with more and more candidate data.

Employee referrals are a way to source talent in a significant and efficient manner. 

Google and Indeed
You can find the right candidate through Google and Indeed by using the right keywords while searching.

Job boards
A lot of job boards are available, Trying using the specialist and niche board to search for the right candidate. 

LinkedIn is ideal for recruitment, but you need to use the advance search to source for talent.

Social Media
Facebook, has a sourcing tool that can help in searching any person.  Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and much more can help search talent.

You can find groups of people with the same thinking that can help in searching the right candidate. 

An industry event is the best place to search for candidates with specific skill set. 

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