Friday, 1 December 2017

How are Project Based Employee different from the Usual

Full-time employees and Project-Based contract workers are quite different on the basis of the length of their tenure with your business association, as well as the work policies that apply to them. usually hiring normal full time employees requires you maintain records of taxes, varied work place rules. while contractors for projects have more elasticity and are not entitled to any employee  benefits. Through this article we will help make the right choice choosing between them. Although you can always contact us for further help on the same.

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Talking about Workers you hire for a specific project, often hired for a specific number of weeks or months until the project deadline is met. Project-Based workers usually have a limited time frame for their work, which however you cannot control the time they work or the method they approach and for the same they cannot be called as employees. On the other hand with employees, you have more control over the way they work and the time they work for an institution.

Taking about the scope of work for a full time employee, one can expand the duties as he/she grows in position, or alter departments if required, but the contract based staff works specifically on the contract he was signed on, with having no particular right to alter their modus operandi. Also the there are varied differences on the taxes that are required to pay when an full time employees are enrolled like the payroll taxes. While on the other hand the contractors are required to be paid as per agreed-upon compensation. And these contractors are themselves responsible for paying their own taxes.

Lastly talking about how the two can differ on how they cost you, the hired employees generally cost more, not only because of their work salary but also the work benefits they get, like insurances, health benefits, etc. While the contractors are only required to be paid for what was negotiated for their tenure of work.

We, at Adler Talent Solution offer varied human resource and recruitment services, where we will be a better guide for the service which suits your needs more and provide for it all the same, for further assistance contact us.

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