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The different ways that can improve Recruitment

Recruitment is getting tougher day by day. It means finding good employees is not easy. There is no science or exact formula that will make sure you are able to hire the right candidate, let’s see the different guidelines that will help in searching the right candidate.

The different ways that can improve Recruitment

Understand what you are searching for
Before you put up an advertisement, it is important to understand what you are searching for; you can hire a candidate, if you find the prospective candidate is perfect and will adjust well with the company’s environment, and hiring manager.

Write a convincing advertisement
You can’t have an advertisement that looks the same like other’s advertisement. Your advertisement should stand out among the crowd and be unique, otherwise it won’t get noticed. Mention the qualification, job responsibilities and information about the company in the advertisement. Candidates apply not for the job but for the company.

You should mention the salary. Any candidate, earning much more than what you can offer, will not apply and waste time. If you feel the candidate is good and you’re unable to offer them, you can also mention the other perks or incentives.

Post the advertisement
It is always better to post the advertisement in various places, like in job sites or Recruitment Company, where you need to pay  or at college career websites that are mostly free.

Right time
Posting the advertisement at the right time of the year is very important. Recruiting fresh graduates even before completion of their final year is not correct. Select the right months to recruit. Trying to recruit in the wrong months will yield poor results. Posting on Friday can fetch you positive results because people who are currently working will like to catch up on weekends.

Be organized
When you start receiving resumes in your inbox, it is essential to create a sub directory; you can shift all the resumes to the sub directory from the inbox.

You should review all the resumes after a few days after posting the advertisement. You can also create about three sub directories with titles, no, maybe and yes. You won’t end up wasting time searching for the right candidates, all the good resumes will be available in the ‘yes’ sub directory.

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