Sunday, 1 October 2017

What is Lateral Hiring? Is it what your Company should look for? - Part 1

In the previous blog, we discussed about Lateral Hiring, and how exactly does the concept of lateral hiring fits in the hiring process of any HR Strategy. This blog would focus more on what candidates look for during lateral hiring process.

Lateral Hiring - Adler Talent Solutions

What are the Employees looking for?
Well, it’s always a difficult question to gauge as to what a candidate may look for, but usually starting a conversation directly asking for involvement would be a bold move to make, rather if they are asked first if they want a job change or otherwise should smoothen out the process.

Often serve them something of value and their issues may be answered:
  • Undervalued - Candidates may feel it in their jobs, may be looking for better career opportunities.
  • Fresh Ideas -  Looking for fresher, more appealing perspectives
  • Flexibility - May be the previous job may have very stringent timing so looking for bettering that.
  • Leadership - A few people are meant to lead may be they shall not be getting o express themselves much.
  • Skill - May be the candidates are looking to expand their skill sets.
  • Work Culture - Candidates are often a fan of good work culture, so if such a need is catered to, lateral hiring might crack it! There are people who like working in a diverse culture, more ethical, more progressive cultures!
  • Wages - An Employee may be looking for better incentives and pay benefits from work.

These were the few of the many things which a candidate may look for, so if you are in search of a recruitment agency, we here at Adler talent solution offer one of the best customized HR Services, specializing in all kinds of recruitment.

For further support, contact us at Adler Talent Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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