Friday, 6 October 2017

Preparing for Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions

Campus recruitment may not be as easy task to handle as it might seem for either the recruiters or the candidate who apply for the same, so to help you with that we have listed down strategies!

Campus Recruitment - Adler Talent Solutions
We did discuss job description before we’ll discuss the others in here:

Be Innovative with Your Pre-Placement talk
The Pre-placement talk is vital in attracting the right talent. It is what sets the initial idea of your company. While geographical expansion, growth/outreach-related numbers, and stats would be impressive, it is how a person can contribute or make an impact is what matters the most. Your Pre-placement talk should nearly cover the following points:
  • How they will fit in as new college graduates
  • How they can make an impact
  • Work culture
  • Hierarchy followed within the organization
  • Types of projects
  • Interesting market and technology trends

Filter Candidates using Assessments
This step of Campus Recruitment is supposedly the most important for the employer, because filtering the right candidates for interviews is critical to the success of a any campus recruitment.

Simple processes like resume filtering alone cannot help you assess candidates. Due to the sheer volume, it is likely that relevant candidates may fall through the cracks. Preliminary written tests are a more reliable way to assess candidates. The objective of these tests is to filter out those candidates who don’t have that essential skill you require. It is appealing to cover multiple topics, such as technical aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, psychometric quotient, and so on. However, what works best are short and purposeful tests.

We at Adler Talent Solutions can help you with identifying your hiring needs, and help you execute the same with complete ease. So for recruiters who wish to hire specially in the area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, or also otherwise, or employers, who are located far away from the institute you want to hire, we at Adler talent solution will help you co-ordinate with same, so feel free to contact us!

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