Friday, 6 October 2017

How Should one get ready for Campus Recruitment

Welcome back, having read the older blogs on Campus Recruitment we basically have an idea of the basic Dos and Don’ts of campus recruitment. We discussed how correct job description, pre placement talks, and the right filtering process would aid the campus recruitment.

Now we will discuss how the correct process of interview would help crack the right talent you are looking for!

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Interview Smartly

Before the interview is conducted, usually a paper and pen questionnaire is conducted, for basic understanding of the candidate. But usually such tests are not fit enough to have the candidates clear the screening parameters, so a detailed interview is usually more preferable.

The final decision however, can be made via personal interviews. Taking back-to-back interviews can be tiring and this could result in errors. Following are a few ways in which you can minimize interviews hick-ups:

  • Conduct at least 2 interviews for each candidate, so that one messed up interview should not be the basis of rejection.
  • Do not judge a candidate solely on the basis of technical aptitude alone. A lot of candidates have more applicative aptitude than the technical aptitude. This in fact is more important.
  • Have a large bank of questions for the interviews to minimize the repetition of questions during interviews. As, Candidates discuss their interview experiences with each other.
  • Manage interview time slabbing to ensure that candidates don’t have to wait long hours. Waiting can be exhausting and demotivating, which in turn can affect performance.
Traditional Campus Recruitment approaches are time exhaustive and not intelligent enough to assure top-quality hires. If you have talents that are diverse, candidates spread across multiple colleges, that is how you will end up having a better hire!

But, also having said that Campus Recruitment is not as easy a process as it might seem, it involves operating strenuous processes so if you want to our source campus recruitment to a reliable source, especially in and around Gujarat, Adler Talent Solutions team may serve you with the same. So feel free to contact us.

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