Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How To Shrug Away The Devil Of Politics-Part 2

At work, there are certain things which we have absolutely no control over. Work politics is certainly one of them. It is not unusual to find favorisms, wordy banters, side lining of ideas or individuals due to circumstances in a work place. It’s always been there and will always be, all one can do is to ensure, he is more or less resistant to those kind of man oeuvres.

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Instead of feeling victimized and agitated about the situation, one must focus on the things listed below:

Don’t enthusiastically take sides.

It’s said that there is always the right side and the wrong side. Surprisingly enough, in any work culture there is nothing wrong and nothing right, its all about who’s favor you take. So the solution is don’t take one! No matter how outlandish the thought of diplomacy may sound, it “seems to be it, to fit!!”

Strong side takers may once get the rise, but in the long run it does more harm than it does the positives. No authorities like to be challenged, no body want a thought checker for everything he processes. So take sides only when it’s needed instead of being an overly enthused arguer.

Don’t get personal

It’s obvious you are going to have fights in any office, relevant, irrelevant everything basically, but anywhere remember you always have a option to leave the situation! You don’t always have to win an argument, especially not with your seniors. So know to draw the line, especially with getting personal. Remember, come what may, never draw personal issues into any argument. People tend to remember personal statements more than generalized one, so if you don’t want it to back fire, big- NO

Think win-win

Even if you realize you have become a scapegoat, it is probably not the end of the world. Come up with a solution, something that can benefit the both! Give them an opportunity to score the goal while you assist! This is how you can break the barrier and set free!

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