Thursday, 21 September 2017

How to engage your work force for enhanced work production 2

In continuation from where we left, in the last blog, we discussed how getting the first step right makes things easier, like hiring the right fits for the job, individual who are motivated and equally pumped for working hard and being engaged than a swarm of employees who need a push every day to keep themselves equipped and productive.

Ofcourse, with hiring right one must also have things panned out as to what should be the plan for the employees to keep them working all along. There are also other tips as listed below. 
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3. Share the ‘big picture’
Always, an engaged employee is proud of the role he plays in an organization. But remember we don’t have to manufacture donkeys working day and night with no purpose or motivation. Give them the ‘larger picture’ address the organization’s vision and strategy. This helps them get an overall sense of organization’s goals and progress.

Also, keep them in the loop about how the company fared in a certain test, how well things are progressing, also when company goes through a rough phase , “let them know” it not only builds trust, it makes employees more inclined towards doing work more productively.  

4. Build a culture of collaboration 
It’s an old adage that a bunch of sticks are harder to break than an individual stick. So goes the case for collaboration in any work space, collaboration is said to be one of the main pillars of employee engagement. 

Allow and promote group activities, always combined brain power looms large over individual talent all the way, share ideas, incorporate suggestions, use talent to the correct use and not to forget creativity, which fosters more when there is collaborated efforts. Researchers have often proved that organizations, which have more group activity and those which promote collaboration fare well on the productivity scale than otherwise!

There is more to this blogs, for further reading on the same stay tuned in to our blogs!
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