Monday, 4 September 2017

How To Shrug Away The Devil Of Politics - Part 1

In recent year, employees have continuously struggled with politics which has negatively dented the output and yields of an individual as well as a team. Acidic politics has a long lasting negative impact on an organisation and most of us have been its casualty at one time or other. So what are the best ways and techniques to alleviate the acidity in the organisational politics? Here are some of the implements and techniques that one can use to reduce the play of politics.

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Aligning goals reduces political activism

It’s pretty simple, when you have a goal which is the same of your colleague there would be a sense of oneness. As a result, more people will share the same understanding of end objective. The individual efforts of the members will now be more inclined towards the common agenda, and thus your colleagues will not attempt to chip away at each other through political man oeuvres.

Goal alignment has hence proven to be an effective tool in extenuating political activism especially when the individual is doing it consciously to ensure his/ her goals are first met.

Reduce uncertainty and ambiguity

Uncertainty and ambiguity are synonyms of dearth of knowledge; which simply makes any individual more prone to any sort of political attack. Lack of information is universally known to be a cause of fear to many people, and the moment you have fears anybody becomes vulnerable. It is these vulnerable and gullible targets which are made scapegoats. Similar patterns come into play when an atmosphere of ambiguity comes into existence; ambiguity is very similar to uncertainty. In uncertainty, there is a general lack of information regarding overall circumstances, whereas in ambiguity there are specific areas where the information is missing.

The best way to solve these triggering factors is to stand up with confidence; of course prior knowledge is the key, but also otherwise one must be certain and constant with what he stand ups for.

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