Saturday, 6 January 2018

Creating a good impression of your organization during recruitment

Every organization needs to recruit new employees, either because of expansion of business or resignation from a current employee, etc. If you want your organization to grow or reach great heights, for this you need to recruit new and well talented employees, who can perform well and help the organization in earning profits.

When you plan to recruit, you should be careful about certain things.

Creating a good impression of your organization during recruitment

The candidate should have a good experience
One should always treat the candidate well, all employees deserve respect from the employers, if you do not treat the candidate well during the recruitment process, when you offer a job to the candidate, he/she will not accept the offer. Even if you do not offer a job to the candidate, they will not speak good things about your organization, to not just colleagues, but, also to their contacts from the same industry. This will not create a good impression about your organization.

Contrast to the above, if you want people to have a good impression about your organization, then you need to take the correct steps, to make sure the candidate has a good experience. Firstly, you should prepare yourself well enough for the interview, introducing yourself warmly, being courteous, and sending out the right signal and more. This will show that your organization is people oriented and treat current and future employees very well.

The decision of hiring should be mutual
The recruitment or hiring manage cannot alone take the decision of hiring a candidate. It is important for the hiring manager to discuss and consult their team before hiring the candidate, the manager should understand their team’s thoughts or view point on the work experience and skills required by the candidate to fill the job vacancy.

The job description should be accurate
We know well enough that most of the jobs are not glamorous, no job comes with an offer, like a complimentary spa or gym or a big bonus. There is no need, for too much of pomp and show, after all this; you can end up with a candidate, who is a total misfit for your organization. So, it is better to keep the job description accurate.

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