Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Clients and Candidates have started behaving in the same manner like customers.

A lot of recruitment agencies these days, just talk and discuss with candidates and clients, about the types of jobs. These discussions are all one sided and are hardly effective. Only those recruitment agencies will do well that are able to gain exclusive market share among clients and candidates. Being exclusive, comes only if the recruitment agency is much ahead among other agencies because they are able to fulfill their commitment on time and connect with candidates and clients well. 

All those recruitment agencies, trying to manage big and lucrative accounts and also be able to get the right candidate, and be able to gain confidence of the candidate and clients before taking the decision to recruit or hire. 

Clients and Candidates have started behaving in the same manner like customers.

You should not just keep talking or discussing about jobs. A proper marketing strategy is needed; the strategy should be good and successful. Whether it’s a recruitment agency or a business leader or a recruitment consultant, posting job related contents or blogs on different social media platforms will help you compete with your competitors for the same candidates and clients.

To get a hold on good clients and the best candidates, you need to make sure that your marketing strategy must progress and be unique. Ensure that the process does not cause difficulties. Think of a post that managed to keep you engaged. It could have been an advertisement or a report or a video, it is something that can help in building trust and a bond. At the end, everybody wants to do business with companies or people we know well and are trustworthy.

It is very important to understand the challenges that candidates and clients face during the recruitment process. You need to put yourself in their place and look at things from a candidate’s and client’s perspective. When you go online, to check your Linkedin company page or Facebook or Instagram, you need to see, if you’re able to talk to the people on a personal level. Need to provide people with solutions or talk about your agency, the marketing strategy should be perfect for candidates and clients, your brand or agency should motivate the candidates and should be trusted by the clients and candidates.

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