Thursday, 24 August 2017

How Good Is Your Recruitment Agency??

Often there are people who go through financial cataclysm unemployment soon follows! There has been no country which has yet been able to overcome this issue. It’s a period that job seekers need all the support and guidance they can get. Alas, it is a lush period for bad Recruitment Agencies to ply their unscrupulous trickery. However, there are some indicator of bad recruiting practices which, when known, will help you spot and avoid such agencies.

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Are you being charged?

"If your recruitment agency effort to charge you a fee for his or her recruiting services warning bells ought to buzz your ears straight off.". For the record, apparently Recruitment agency fees are paid by the company that hires you. You should never sign a contract in which you agree to pay for something your new employer should be paying for, no matter how great their lingo about a “grand scale personalized recruitment campaign” sounds.

Are they not informed?

Then why are they even a Recruitment Consultant? Recruitment is a sector which is rife in competition and if your service providers aren’t competent and knowledgeable it’s a clear indication of sub-standard services. It’s simple. If they are not doing their best, you are losing out on an opportunity and not them!! 

Is the truth compromised?

Often, consultants misguide their clients saying its fine to lie in an interview or on the CV about any professional or personal details. This does not in any way alleviate the concerns; rather it makes you as much unethical as your consultant. It’s hard coming around the truth, but there is literally no coming around a lie!

Well, seemingly enough no amount of questions you read are going to solve the query of a consultancy firm being either good or bad, but Experience. It is something you understand only when you become a part for. So be a part of our Adler talent Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and see how we turn around things for you! About the questions, keep reading the next update on this blog how good is your Recruitment Company Part-2

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